Hybrid Learning: Get Soaked

On Sunday, July 5, we went for a hike in one of my favorite places on this planet (Stone Mountain State Park) on a section of what is becoming one of my favorite trails, the MST.  One of the many reasons I love Stone Mountain is that it is such a photogenic rock:

But on this day, we skirted around the rock and headed for the base of the escarpment, just past Widows Creek.

I’ve used Strava for quite some time to track my bicycling efforts, and recently I’ve discovered that it is also pretty good for tracking hikes.  So, I thought I’d track my Sunday “stroll” up the escarpment.  Results below, and here.

Strava Log of Stone Mtn MST hike
Strava Log of Stone Mtn MST hike

With my father, I had done the hike before in reverse, one way — from the Blue Ridge Parkway down to the Stone Mountain backpackers’ parking lot.  On the 5th I wanted to go up and back, hoping to turn around at the ruins of an old mountain shack. Continue reading Hybrid Learning: Get Soaked

Learning Systems Design

As a way to get back into the swing of things with my blog, I thought I’d write a quick post on what I’ve been thinking about most lately as I’ve taken my new position as CTO of McKinsey Social Initiative: learning systems design.

Of course, I’ve been thinking about learning systems design for many years, but our goals for where we’d like to be with the Generation Initiative by 2020 have given me a new pragmatic perspective on the topic.  I want to keep this post (and most future posts) brief, so let me quickly explain my own framework for learning systems design. Continue reading Learning Systems Design

#WinterSouth: Coyotes and Diagnostics

When I drive solo along looooong stretches of remote roads, I see many things in my periphery and often forget them, especially when the musical selection that my in-car DJ (aka Yours Truly) has made is rather choice for the current terrain.  I’ve been making a concerted effort to record my observations as they happen.  This means that I also often tack on additional thoughts about whatever I’ve been rolling over in my head as the original observation-inducing roadside stimulus has occurred.

This can make for some interesting juxtapositions….just listen (and beware of a few possibly-not-work-friendly “cuss words”):

Coyotes And Diagnostics

Please take the time to check out my book/photography Kickstarter project Winter South 2014 if you haven’t already, and please consider backing my project.  Thanks!

#WinterSouth: Anticipating Death

I’m staying in Lone Pine, California tonight. Getting up at the crack of dawn and heading into Death Valley tomorrow morning for a few days of camping and shooting. It looks like the weather will be cooperating. I’m also hoping to find a nice spot to finally shoot a video for my Kickstarter campaign: http://kck.st/1eEDQxl
Earlier today, I managed to get a decent shot on my phone from the Mono Lake vista point on US 395:

Notice anything? There’s hardly any snow anywhere!!! Not a good sign.

Direct Measurement of Graphing Interactions

On Thursday, October 31, at AECT 2013 in Anaheim, I’ll be conducting a “round table” discussion/presentation about a manuscript I’ve written: “Direct Measurement of Learners’ Graphing Interactions for Automated Formative Assessment in a Digital Tablet Environment.” It’s a conceptualization of a digital graphing platform that can persist across informal and formal learning environments.

Here’s the abstract for the manuscript:

This methodological paper explores theoretical and practical foundations for the development of measurement instruments embedded in a tablet-based  interactive digital graphing platform for use in unobtrusive automated formative assessment of learners’ performance when plotting and/or visualizing data as all or part of a learning task.  Practical matters of data plotting and manipulation as formative performance assessment are addressed.  Exemplary tasks are provided as a basis for further examination and discussion of identified practical matters.  Modeling learners’ growth in graphing ability over time is explored in the context of experimental research of cognitive factors of graphing interactions.

I’ve also made the manuscript available as a whitepaper here on my website: ErlandsonBE_Direct-Measurement-Graphing-Interactions.  Please feel free to read it and give me any constructive feedback you may have.  Questions also welcomed!  Let’s start a discussion…

Rain Girl

As I was a walking home from the fitness studio late this morning, the rain was picking up again.  There are several large puddles on the rather crooked sidewalk between the studio and my house.  As I rounded the corner, over the din of the raindrops I heard this repetitive high pitched squeal, coupled with the occasional splash.

Into view comes a small girl, probably between the ages of three and five, covered from head to toe in a raincoat and galoshes.  She’s several paces ahead of the rest of her family.  She’s yelling (singing, really) over and over again, “I don’t want to get wet, I don’t want to get wet, I don’t want to get wet!” as she gallops from puddle to puddle.  Finally, she notices me coming from the other direction and stops dead in her tracks.  Rain dripping through the soaked dark brown locks protruding from either side of the hood of her jacket, she makes eye contact. I flash her a quick smile to let her know I’m harmless, and then she cracks one of the most devious shit-eating-grins I’ve ever seen on a kid that age (even trumping my nephew Bennett!).

And then it was right back to puddle splashing and singing her refrain.

My faith in humanity got bumped up a notch today.  Thanks, kiddo.  Go in peace and never, ever stop splashing.