Catching the spray in the waning light at Carmel Beach

IMG_1855 by beerland
IMG_1855, a photo by beerland on Flickr.

I found myself down at Carmel Beach last evening to hang out with a buddy of mine (and his two cool pooches) at the beach to watch the sun and waves, bitch about the week, and talk science.

Eventually the sun went down, my buddy went home, and I stuck around to get some post-sunset surf shots. I love the effect of slow shutter speeds on the waves. Using a circular polarizer adds to the glow of the waves, I think.

In this particular shot, I kept trying to get the timing just right (with about a 4 second exposure, if I remember correctly) to get a good spray off the rock that you can see there. I think this one came out pretty well…

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