Direct Measurement of Graphing Interactions

On Thursday, October 31, at AECT 2013 in Anaheim, I’ll be conducting a “round table” discussion/presentation about a manuscript I’ve written: “Direct Measurement of Learners’ Graphing Interactions for Automated Formative Assessment in a Digital Tablet Environment.” It’s a conceptualization of a digital graphing platform that can persist across informal and formal learning environments.

Here’s the abstract for the manuscript:

This methodological paper explores theoretical and practical foundations for the development of measurement instruments embedded in a tablet-based  interactive digital graphing platform for use in unobtrusive automated formative assessment of learners’ performance when plotting and/or visualizing data as all or part of a learning task.  Practical matters of data plotting and manipulation as formative performance assessment are addressed.  Exemplary tasks are provided as a basis for further examination and discussion of identified practical matters.  Modeling learners’ growth in graphing ability over time is explored in the context of experimental research of cognitive factors of graphing interactions.

I’ve also made the manuscript available as a whitepaper here on my website: ErlandsonBE_Direct-Measurement-Graphing-Interactions.  Please feel free to read it and give me any constructive feedback you may have.  Questions also welcomed!  Let’s start a discussion…

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