Beerlander 2021 00 – Welcome To The Show

The inaugural episode of the inaugural (2021) season of The Beerlander, which is the name I’ve chosen for my personal podcast.

You can listen to the episode using this embedded player.

Below you will find contents (and linked resources) that I mention in this episode.

The essay I reference during the hike (Along The Escarpment).

A photo of the arachnid I noticed during the hike I wrote about in the essay:

Doughton Park

It think this arachnid is a species of Trombidiidae.  More information on Wikipedia.

A few photos I took during the hike:

Here’s a photo of the nest I mention during the hike:

Here’s the time lapse video I mentioned:

Here’s a link to Meredith Broussard’s book about Artificial Intelligence (MIT Press).

Here’s a screenshot of the mapping app I pulled up during my hike:

screenshot of GaiaGPS app

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