Photo of animal scat in specimen container

Beerlander 2021 01 – Steal This Episode!

Steal This Episode! (Just Skip The Ads) is the second episode in the inaugural season of my podcast, The Beerlander.  You can find me on Google Podcasts and Spotify.

You can listen to the episode using this embedded player.

Below you will find contents (and linked resources) that I mention in this episode.

Monetization: Here’s the Android Police article.  And here’s the Spotify article.

Light Pollution: Here’s a link to Let There Be Night on Amazon.

RESCIV: Here’s the blog post with the short “teaser” video about the Assessment Delivery Construction (ADC) platform.  And below is the longer “lecture” video that covers all current intended components of the ADC.

Oh, and here’s more info about the RIoT Accelerator program I’ve applied to.

Apps We Need: Here’s my previous post about the TimeTracks essay.

Artificial Intelligence: Meredith Broussard’s book Artificial Unintelligence is published by MIT Press.

Here’s the General Argument for my ongoing Postropolis project.

Here are the two phone photos of cougar scat.

Photo of animal scat

Photo of animal scat in specimen container

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