Beerlander 2021 03 – [phos|cūra] – A Portrait Of A Camera App

Here’s the latest episode of my podcast, where I read an essay I’ve written about photography and, well, vanity.  The essay is called  [phos|cūra] – A Portrait Of A Camera App.  You can find me on Google Podcasts and Spotify.

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Below you will find contents (and linked resources) that I mention in this episode.

At just over 2800 words, [phos|cūra]: (A Portrait of a) Camera App, Part One? is an introduction to the proposed app/platform [phos|cūra], which is a new way to reconceptualize the purposes of (and skills for) photography in an increasingly simulated digital age. This is another in my series of essays about digital apps and tools that need to exist, with design-driven stories about what these apps and tools would do (and how they would work) serving as a platform for criticism of humans’ relationships with each other and the natural environment.

Here’s the PDF version of the [phos|cūra] essay.

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