Photograph of dead trees on Mount Mitchell

New Limited Editions

I’m pleased to announce that a few of my photographs have been selected as new limited editions, exclusively for sale on the TurningArt marketplace!


What is TurningArt, you may ask?  As a company, TurningArt bills themselves as “Artwork as a Service”.  They work with companies, real estate firms, designers, healthcare organizations, hospitality groups, and more to install local, original artworks for display across the United States.  They call it “turnkey art programming.”

From the front page of their website:

At TurningArt, we’re focused on building a future where art is a sustainable, enriching, and expected part of our daily lives. By bringing the creativity of today’s artists into our everyday experience, we strive to create connections between local artists and their communities.

Personally, I think it is a really cool service.  Artworks can be leased on rotation, purchased outright, or hybrid programming systems can be created.  Currently, one of my photographs is a print out on rotation somewhere in New York City.  (If you’re a business owner, etc. and are curious to know more, check out how TurningArt works.)

My Limited Editions

After a portfolio review, I was accepted into the TurningArt community about a year ago.  Ever since, I’ve been uploading curated works from my catalog in regular batches.  I’m currently done up through 2017, with 2018 works coming soon.  Eventually I’ll get caught up! 🙂

The following pieces have been accepted as “a TurningArt exclusive limited edition print available in editions of 100”.  You can click each image to visit its landing page on TurningArt.

Photograph of Basin Creek
Basin Creek
Photograph of Salt Marsh
Salt Marsh, Bird Island
Photograph of Pink Ladyslippers
Pink Ladyslippers
Photograph of dead trees on Mount Mitchell
Acid Rain Sunset

As I said, I’ve got quite a few works on TurningArt so far.  Here’s my portfolio there.  It’s been interesting going back through my entire catalog of work to curate exactly which images are a good fit for TurningArt.  Now that I’ve had a few accepted as exclusive limited editions, I’m getting an even better sense of what works best for the TurningArt community!

If you know anyone who would be interested in the services of TurningArt (like, say somebody who owns a few Airbnbs!), please let them know.

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