Juried Selections in 2022

Today, I received notice of another juried selection for my photography, so I thought it would be a good time to update everyone on all my juried selections in 2022 so far!  I’ll go in reverse order, starting with the most recent.

Art Through The Lens 2022

Pinhole Sunbeams

2022 September // Pinhole Sunbeams.  Art Through The Lens International Juried Photography Exhibition (Juried Selection). 

Sept 24 – November 12 at the Yeiser Art Center.  Paducah, KY. https://theyeiser.org/art-through-the-lens/

12″ x 18″ – $1000

This photo was captured using a Thingyfy Pinhole Pro S “lens” adapter on my Canon 6D.  If memory serves, this is from one of two locations on the New River in southwest Virginia.  I shot it in December 2019.  And you thought it was never OK to stare straight into the sun?  Think again. 🙂

Human Form & Figure


2022 September // We Are All Addicted To Plastic.  Human Form & Figure (Juried Selection).

Sept 1 – Sept 30 (virtual exhibit) at San Fernando Valley Arts & Cultural Center.  Encino, CA. https://sfvacc.org/events/human-form-and-figure

12″ x 18″ – $1000

The model in this photo is named Carole.  She and I have worked together many times, and she was more than excited to help me flesh out my ideas for the “Addicted To Plastic” theme, which has become one of my ongoing projects.  Believe it or not, the setting for this photo is on land that, at the time, was owned by her grandparents, right here in Alleghany County, NC.  The fact that she’s a human flagpole for the Anthropo-plasti-cene, standing on a large tree stump at the top of a farm, well, it kinda brings all sorts of environmentalist elements into the frame, doesn’t it?  Also, as I’ve said many times during creative model shoots, the wind is our friend.

The Figure In Contemporary Art


2022 March // Dribble. The Figure In Contemporary Art (Juried Selection). 

April 1 – May 27 at Hilliard Gallery.  Kansas City, Missouri.  https://www.hilliardgallery.com/artwork/artists/the-figure-in-contemporary-art/

12″ x 18″ – $1000

Working with the model “K” (one of her stage names), this was one of my first attempts at abstraction with the human form.  One of my friends, when seeing this print hanging in my office, remarked: “At first, I thought I was looking at a tree, then, when I looked again, I saw the crotch.”  I’m considering including this work (and hopeful future works of the same genre) in my ongoing project “Water Is Life”.  We’ll see what transpires.

PhotoSpiva 2022


2022 February // Fog On Snow. PhotoSpiva 2022 (Juried Selection). 

March 19 – May 14 at George A. Spiva Center for the Arts.  Joplin, Missouri.  https://spivaarts.org/photospiva-competition/

12″ x 18″ – $1000

This photo was captured in my neighbor’s yard.  I’ve known this tree most of my life, since I was a kid and we used to come up to “Phyllis’ Place” for the church picnics every summer.  Now I live up here and get to see this tree whenever I want.  I’ve seen it in almost any condition you can think of, and this has to be one of the most spectacular.  We had a heavy snow this past winter, and one morning soon after, we had heavy fog.  This was a total whiteout like I’ve never seen, except once when I was skiing near Banff, in Canada about 20 years ago.

I gave this piece to my neighbors, and they placed it in a wonderful spot in the house next to this tree.  I’m glad it found its proper home.

Valdosta National 2022


2022 January // We’re All Just Fancy Animals.  Valdosta National 2022 (Juried Selection). 

Jan 20 – Feb 4 at Dedo Maranville Fine Arts Gallery.  Valdosta State University.  Valdosta, Georgia.  https://www.valdosta.edu/about/news/releases/2022/01/vsu-fine-arts-gallery-hosts-valdosta-national-2022.php

12″ x 18″ – $1000

Sophia, pictured here, is a long-time collaborator and friend.  She made the dress she’s wearing, and she assembled the wolf mask for me.  She has modeled many dresses and masks for me in a variety of settings as part of the Fancy Animals project.  In case you’re wondering, the location for this shoot was the old Laurel Springs School in Laurel Springs, NC, right here in Alleghany County.  Sadly, this building as since been burned for practice by the local fire departments.  I was happy to be able to host several themed shoots in this location while it was standing.  I’ve not been back since it burned.  I need to go check it out.

That’s all for now!

There’s still plenty of 2022 left, and I’m submitting several pieces in different juried shows through December, so if I get any more juried selections, I’ll have to add them here, or maybe just make another post.

I hope this post helps you understand the breadth of my photographic endeavors.

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