Design For Learning In Virtual Worlds

Textbook, Co-Author

Published March 8, 2012 by Routledge

ISBN 9780415886406

240 Pages

Here’s the Book (publisher’s website)

I was responsible for writing half the chapters of this book.  My advisor and dissertation chair, Dr. Brian Nelson, wrote the other half.  We edited each other’s work.  He said he would not have been able to write the book without my contribution, as much of it was based on virtual world development work I had completed to run my dissertation research.

About to finish my doctorate, I was thrilled for this generous opportunity to help write a textbook about learning systems design in such a complex technological arena.

This book was part of the series Interdisciplinary Approaches to Educational Technology.

These are the chapters that were my responsibility to write:

The Mechanics Of Virtual Worlds: The World

The Mechanics Of Virtual Worlds: The GUI

Defining The Context Of Virtual Worlds

Measurement And Assessment With Virtual Worlds

Designing Measures For Assessment With Virtual Worlds – sample chapter (PDF)

Implementation And Evaluation Of Virtual Worlds In Multiple Contexts

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