Edgepoint Learning

Instructional Designer 

February 2014 – December 2018 (on call, project-based)

I had the opportunity to work with an impressive variety of clients while I was a contracted instructional designer with Edgepoint: the Alaska Department of Education, Avis, Bank of the West, CBRE Global Investors, Cargill, PepsiCo, and Walgreens.  

Most of these client projects resulted in self-paced, web-based on the job training for employee learner audiences of various sizes at various levels of these organizations.

We created multimedia experiences to be delivered in various LMS platforms (per client) usually implementing Articulate for materials production.

Due to the nature of this contract work, I am unable to offer visual examples of these materials.

For the Alaska Department of Education, we built statewide training for education stakeholders on such topics as Crisis Response, Meal Pattern Basics (school nutrition planning, management, and reporting), Navigating Transitions (for students between grades/schools, etc.), Opioids, School Suicide, and Trauma Informed Schools.

For Avis, we built software training for point-of-sale employees amongst all rental units.

For Bank of the West, we built training for project management standards of practice.

For CBRE we built training for managing conflicts of interest and understanding/implementing policy-based integrity and ethics standards.

For Cargill, my work focused on training modules for Combustible Dust (explosives issues) and Emergency Preparedness and Management.

For PepsiCo, our focus was building training for General Conduct Policies and avoiding Bribery Scenarios.

For Walgreens, we built a series of training modules to teach employees how to evaluate healthcare systems

Due to the range of subject areas covered across projects, I learned quite a bit more than I ever expected I would while designing modules for these clients.  

During my time with Edgepoint, we also began designing and developing a series of customizable off the shelf training modules Edgepoint could provide to clients who needed a more readymade option for their employees.  Many of the modules were generic topics, revolving around basic workplace issues that are typical regardless of corporate sector or industry (e.g., harassment, information security, conflicts of interest, reporting).

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