Educational Testing Service

Assessment Specialist and Research Associate

May 2013 – November 2013

As a contractor for Educational Testing Service (ETS), I participated in a wide variety of projects.  Primarily, we worked with NAEP to build out interactive science assessment tasks (ICTs), as well as a new format of hybridized hands-on tasks—essentially building tablet-based supplements for real-world lab tasks.

One of these was a Nuclear Fission module for Grade 12.  Here is a design doc and a slide deck mockup.

We also designed quite a few concepts for K-12 digital tasks for the Colorado Dept. Of Education, such as body systems, weather/climate, and biodiversity.  I’m happy to discuss details of these projects as I can.

Skateboarding Physics (HTML5)

I also worked with an ETS internal team to conceptualize a project exploring the potential for HTML5 as an interactive testing platform, using skateboarding as a vehicle for understanding basic physics.  Here are PDF versions of the Task Design Specs and the Design Revisions based on collaborative feedback.

Here are some more polished images that were part of the later storyboarding process:

I calculated all sorts of measurements to ensure the physics/mechanics would be accurate in a data-driven model…

And here are sketches I made for various stages of the skateboarding physics project.  I can’t remember the name of the iOS app I used, but it was pretty handy. 🙂

Metal Reactivity

Finally, here are some polished mockups for the “Metal Reactivity” ICT done for NAEP.  Typically in these scenarios I use Adobe Illustrator.

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