January 2017 – July 2018

While launching Knedia, I participated in the UNC-Charlotte Ventureprise program, as well as the Launch GSO program based in Greensboro.  Additionally, I engaged with New Ventures NC in Winston-Salem during that startup year, presenting and pitching Knedia, considering the possibility of incubation and acceleration there before running out of my self-funded budget, after which I closed the company.

Throughout this first experience with launching a startup, I got a much better sense of how to approach any startup concept through the initial stages of the company and conceptualization/development.


Here’s a PDF slide deck of the final presentation I made on April 7, 2017 about progress with Knedia during the Ventureprise program.

In that deck is a diagram of the proposed Knedia platform architecture:

Executive Summary

Here’s a PDF of the executive summary I created for Knedia, this version polished for an intended proposal to NSF-SBIR.

Here’s a quote from the Technology section:

“At its core, Knedia is a data integration and visualization/analytics platform, pulling from a variety of sources of climate relevant real-world data across scales and scopes. Users explore and engage with data visualization and decision making tools, interact with intelligent feedback and self-assessment systems, and explore data-sourced validations of external media sources. Across decision models, validation strategies, and engagement with the climate narratives of journalists and scientists, users discuss climate impact relevance, increase understanding, and reinforce community structures, all with support from the Knedia AI.”

Platform System Structure

Here is a diagram of the proposed interaction structure for the Knedia Platform.

Early Mobile App Prototype

Here are three screen captures from an early mobile app mockup prototype built in Marvel.

Hopefully this gives you a better sense of the types of communication and understanding possible with the Knedia platform.

I did all of the design work for this platform.

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