McKinsey Social Initiative

Chief Technology Officer

April 2015 – Dec 2016

**A brief note:  MSI is now Generation.  Find out more at

Serving as Chief Technology Officer of a McKinsey-founded multinational nonprofit youth employment training initiative provided, without a doubt, the most personal growth I’ve ever experienced in such a relatively short time period of two years.  While this position pulled me in many different directions at once, at its core was client and vendor relationships coupled with global strategies for design, development, and implementation (including the management of these strategies).

I worked with local resources to manage our DC headquarters office technology needs and, in collaboration with our Director of Communications, designed our company intranet from the ground up.  As nonprofit executives, we also collaborated on several funding applications, including the NSF, MacArthur, Salesforce, and the Walmart Foundation, and we worked directly with Gallup for our survey research, assessment, and analysis needs for documenting programmatic success.

I oversaw the planning of our “Digital Generation” suite of programs, including learning game development with Filament Games and Yet Analytics, mobile app/platform development with Tactica Interactive and Yet Analytics, Intake Workflows for students, faculty, and workforce partners as stakeholders for each of our programs in five countries (US, Mexico, Spain, Kenya, and India), as well as a “global view” learning technologies ecosystem development plan for our website, data tools, apps, platforms, and off the shelf products, including mobile device management solutions.  I also managed the RFP process for each of these product development cycles.

One particularly unique aspect of my experience with MSI (that I thought was most forward-thinking) was our attempt to build a User Experience Vision for our stakeholders that also included a 15-year long experience for our alumni once they entered the workforce upon completion of our training programs—and how to get them to continue to use our digital experiences across their careers.

I am happy to discuss the elements and details of these experiences that I am able to discuss.

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