My Work History

Concerning the design, development, and delivery of teaching, learning, and assessment experiences, I have a professional work history stretching back to 2001, when I began work as an instructional designer for the Educational Research Consortium of the Western Carolinas, as well as an adjunct faculty member in the Dept. of Mass Communications at UNC-Asheville.

These Current and Past sections are basically in reverse chronological order, keeping the newest (completed) works at the top.  I’ll update it as necessary.

Links to detail pages for each of these work/project items will be made live as I build and publish them using materials from my archives/catalog of work.

I’m working as quickly as I can on this personal documentation of 20 years of my life. 🙂

Current Work + Projects

Local Gyre (website)

The Beerlander Podcast (Acast) (Spotify) (Google Podcasts)

RESCIV (website)

Appalachian Future (website)

Logo for Appalachian Future

The Wolfbird Studios (website)

And the Spectracular Project – an undergraduate organic chemistry spectroscopy interactive learning game.

The Postropolis Project (website)

Erlandson Photography (website)

Gulley Creek

Past Work + Projects

Outschool (Teacher)

Edgepoint Learning (Instructional Designer)

Knedia (Founder)

McKinsey Social Initiative (Chief Technology Officer)

VESIC Institute (Executive Director)

CogBooks (Head of Instructional Design)

Educational Testing Service (Assessment Specialist and Research Associate)

The Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley (Assessment Specialist II)

Design For Learning In Virtual Worlds (Co-Author)

California State University, Monterey Bay (Assistant Professor of Instructional Science and Technology, emphasis in Digital Media)

Galaxy Learn (Learning Assessment Systems Consultant)

Tempe Historical Museum (Experiential Redux)

Arizona State University (Design, Development, Research during Ph.D. Experience)

UNC Asheville (Adjunct Faculty)

Educational Research Consortium of the Western Carolinas – AAM Homeschool Program (Instructional Designer)

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