Photography Classes And Workshops

I Teach Photography!

I offer a variety of photography classes and workshops throughout the year, often in person, often outside.  I use Eventbrite to manage these classes and workshops, and they are also announced on my Facebook page.

Classes on Outschool

I am currently building a “catalog” of online photography classes using the Outschool platform.  Most of these single-session hour-long classes are taught from the perspective that “the best camera you’ve got is the one in your hand”—meaning it’s more about practicing and improving your photography skills than learning to use a specific tool or needing a fancier, more expensive camera.  Having those things are great, but, you should be able to take better pictures with any camera you’re using.

Here’s the Outschool Course Catalog.  It’s best to consider taking these classes in order, but they are designed to be a la carte.  I’m regularly adding more and more courses on Outschool, so be sure to check back often!

Phoneography 101

The best camera you’ve got is the one in your hand. Let’s learn some basic ideas about how to improve our photography skills!

Class Listing

Phoneography 102: Critique Practice

Let’s get some more practice with the Feldman Method of photography critique. Bring your photos to class!

Class Listing

Phoneography 103: Improving Practice Through Curation

What’s the best way to improve your photography? Practice! But, wait! How do you improve your practice? Let’s discuss (and practice!) some techniques.

Class Listing

Phoneography 104: Intentional Processing (Mobile and Cloud Photo Editing)

Which photos you take will make the cut? How many different ways should you edit your photos on your phone or tablet? What’s the point of editing when you’re supposed to get the shot in the camera?

Class Listing

Phoneography 105: Black and White

Dark and light, black and white. Contrast, texture, and form are the kings of this world. What are the best ways to capture and edit B&W using your phone camera?

Class Listing

I’ll be creating a series of 200-level courses soon.  Stay tuned!

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