Juried Selections in 2022

Today, I received notice of another juried selection for my photography, so I thought it would be a good time to update everyone on all my juried selections in 2022 so far!  I’ll go in reverse order, starting with the most recent.

Art Through The Lens 2022

Pinhole Sunbeams

2022 September // Pinhole Sunbeams.  Art Through The Lens International Juried Photography Exhibition (Juried Selection). 

Sept 24 – November 12 at the Yeiser Art Center.  Paducah, KY. https://theyeiser.org/art-through-the-lens/

12″ x 18″ – $1000

This photo was captured using a Thingyfy Pinhole Pro S “lens” adapter on my Canon 6D.  If memory serves, this is from one of two locations on the New River in southwest Virginia.  I shot it in December 2019.  And you thought it was never OK to stare straight into the sun?  Think again. 🙂 Continue reading Juried Selections in 2022